We are steel and concrete design specialists


  • Conceptual design
  • Modelling (BIM)
  • Architectural design and detailing
  • Council plans and documentation
  • Structural design and detailing
  • Artist impression renders and fly throughs.

It all starts with design. Thompson has invested significant resources to ensure all parties are happy with the practicalities of the build before it starts. Our team includes licensed design practitioners, with services ranging from conceptual design, floor planning, right through to artist impression renders and fly-throughs. We work closely with specalists engineers to ensure your building is well designed. The Thompson Design Team provide a full set of detailed plans for council submission and construction, we are also able to work through the council submission and building consent process on your behalf.


Thompson create real live artist impressions and turn them into reality. The photos below show the original designs that were rendered on the computer and finished photos taken of the buildings a year or so later.


Good quality drawings that are accurate, informative and easy to understand are our key focus when presenting a set of plans for building consent and construction.

The Thompson design team works very closely with consultants to ensure the best design is achieved for practicality, cost and compliance.

Modelling (BIM)

We believe the time invested in design upfront is crutial. Modelling many components into the building helps to identify collisions early on. reducing time delays on-site. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is the callobaration of digital representations of the physical components such as mechanical, electrical, pumbing, structure and architecure.

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Artist impressions

Thompson create real live artist impressions and turn them into reality. View our slideshow below to see the original design that was rendered on the computer and a finished photo taken of the building a year or so later.