New Building for St John Temuka

8 June 2015

St John Temuka is hoping to raise $100,000 for its new station.
The St John Temuka Area Committee has started a fundraising appeal to ensure the project to build a new station can be completed debt free.
The current building suffered damage after the earthquakes and was in need of replacement as the cost of restrengthening was "prohibitive".

Letters were being distributed to the Temuka community asking for support.
In the letter, chairman Rodger Hilliker said the needs of the community were ever changing and the arrival of two permanent paid staff meant the station, including the team of volunteers, could better cover the Temuka Districts area and backup Geraldine, Fairlie, Pleasant Point and Timaru areas.
He said the committee required the community to support the one-off appeal for funds to ensure the facility was completed debt free.

It recently received a grant of $26,305 for an emergency generator from the latest round of Mid and South Canterbury Trust funding. This will enable the station to be self-sufficient during a major event.
Secretary Lance Scott said the new community hall and meeting room will be a wonderful asset for St John training, whilst other organisations and company users will benefit from the improved facilities.
Demolition of the old building on King St is due to take place on Monday. Temuka Transport will be helping with the demolition and is also providing a temporary premises to operate a station on the corner of King and Wood streets.
Information and further images of the project will be displayed in the Temuka ANZ Bank window.


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