Simla Farms
Piggery 1 and 2

Simla Farms have invested in their piggery business through engaging Thompson to construct two 1152m2  buildings to each house 1200 pigs at varying growth stages. Internally the floor areas are divided into six main rooms with every wall constructed from precast concrete.

Particular attention to animal comfort has been considered throughout the design with the development of a ventilation system.  This draws air in through vents on both sides of the building and then releases it through chimneys in the roof creating a constant airflow from floor to ceiling. Through this climate control system, the temperature within each room cam be managed to suit the animals needs according to their age.  In addition there is an automatic feeding system and a suspended grated floor to ensure all effluent is collected underneath and then stored for utilisation later on as fertiliser on the farm.

Thompson supplied and erected the main building structure and concrete base floor for this project, while the client installed the effluent grating, pipework, and penning systems, which were all imported from Europe. 

09 Aug 2016
Farm Building
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