Van Leeuwen
Silage Facility

Aard Van Leeuwen worked with Thompson to come up with a design and build solution for his silage storage facility.
This flat panel silage facility has five 12 - 14m wide bays and is 100m long.

The cantilevered panels stand up to the rigours of heavy machinery loading and unloading the pits. Each individual bay is separated by a 2m gap that has been backfilled with material excavated from the site. This has multiple benefits - drainage for cover run-off, storage for tyres and sand bags and removing the potential for falling when covering and placing tyres. All onsite work was completed by Thompson, foundation excavation, panel placements and all concrete pours and finishing.

Flat panels are:
• Fast to Install
• Permanent
• Durable
• Used externally and internally
• Large volume capacity
• Self cleaning

02 Apr 2014