St John Temuka
Ambulance Bay and Facilities
Temuka is home to the St John’s new multi-purpose emergency centre. Due to their old premises being damaged by the Canterbury earthquakes and the realisation that Mid and South Canterbury needed an emergency triage centre, the Temuka St John centre was identified a central base should Timaru be cut off by flooding or any other emergency. 
The building is constructed with precast concrete panels and steelwork for the main structure, and internally the walls are lined with metra panel, a robust interior lining. Using precast panels was a large factor in ensuring this building achieves structural integrity. It has been designed to meet Importance Level 4 meaning it is essential for post disaster recovery and the need to survive an event.
The premises is made up of four sleeping areas, kitchen, staff lounge, office area, training hall, meeting room and kitchenette. It has a two-bay ambulance garage which are accessed through two roller doors. The carparking area, access, and all earthworks were completed by Temuka Transport.

St John Temuka is wheel chair accessible, has safety glass and fire doors between the staff area and garage, and between the entrance and training area.

The day time operational staff are employed by St John and during the night-time volunteers now have sleeping facilities allowing them to stay over. This means the previously limiting 4km radius no longer applies for the volunteer pool ensuring we are continued to be looked after for 24 hours.
This project has come about through the hard work from a number of volunteers and generous support by the community.
08 Mar 2016
Office, accommodation and Ambulance bay
Commercial, Community
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